Can I Get Hair Transplants for Bald Spots?

Have you noticed patterns of baldness in your hair? Are you considering a hair transplant for bald spots? Hair transplants are certainly appropriate for certain types of baldness. Before you begin searching for treatment options, you need to know what kind of bald spots you’re experiencing.

Bald Spots due to Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a very common condition that is very treatable.
Most of our patients come to us because of this very common condition. We often recommend a hair transplant due to bald spots or a receding hairline that results from male pattern baldness. If you’re experiencing male pattern baldness, give us a call at (866) 751-5683 today. We have solutions.

Bald Spots due to Female Pattern Baldness

Many women come to us because they are experiencing female pattern baldness. Women who are looking to correct this problem are not usually looking for hair transplants for bald spots. Instead, they are usually experiencing overall thinning or severe thinning behind the hairline. We perform women’s hair transplants to correct this problem. While the technique is different from hair transplant surgery for men, the concepts are the same.

Bald Spots due to Alopecia Areata

Hair transplants for bald spots are sometimes appropriate in the case of alopecia aerata, a kind of autoimmune baldness. Many cases of alopecia areata will go away on their own, and hair will grown in the bald spot again. If you have seen a dermatologist and determined that your alopecia is no longer active, yet the hair hasn’t grown back, a hair transplant for bald spots may be appropriate. Call us at (866) 751-5683 for treatment options.

Hair Transplants for Bald Spots in OKC

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