Dr. Love and his staff have been receiving excellent hair transplant reviews for years. We pride ourselves on the permanent, natural results that we produce for our hair transplant patients as well as the hair transplant reviews that we receive from patients. Referrals and great reviews from happy patients further reinforce the importance of selecting a board-certified M.D., like Dr. Love, for your hair transplant surgery.

Here are a few reviews from Dr. Love’s patients:

“As a female, I was constantly attempting to conceal my extremely thin hair. Nothing worked. I’m so grateful that Dr. Love re-created the hair of my youth!” (SJ)

“My ‘new hair’ has helped me regain my confidence in my career. My baldness began in my late twenties and I looked much older than my years. This has saved me!” (PM)

“I tend to put things off… like my hair transplant! If I had known years ago how simple and painless this was, I would have jumped on it much earlier. I would tell anyone to make an investment in themselves and go for it!” (SG)

“God sends special people into their lives that LIFE will be extended. Dr. Love is definitely one of them for me.” (FH)

“Go to the best! Dr. Love’s experience and credentials gave me total confidence and a great outcome. There’s a ton of confusing info out there … with all kinds of docs doing procedures they weren’t training for. Do your homework!” (CG)

“Dr. Love made me feel very comfortable in the process of deciding what surgery would be best for me. I understood things well. My surgery was a complete success. I have referred many friends to Dr. Tim Love. Great doctor!” (JL)

“Congrats Dr. Love on again being named Oklahoma Gazette’s ‘Best of OKC’ two years in a row! Keep up the good work!” (CJ)

“Dr. Love helped me through a frightening health problem. His expertise and caring nature made my experience worth writing about. I recommend Dr. Tim Love to all my friends and family members.” (AM)

“My results are awesome. I recommend Dr. Love to anyone wanting a cosmetic procedure.” (MT)

“Highly recommended! Dr. Love was great. I love my results and would recommend him to anyone planning on cosmetic surgery.” (KO)

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Reviews of Dr. Tim Love’s Hair Transplant Services

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