If you’re troubled by hair loss and looking for a hair transplant, Kansas City might seem like a good place to look. But look closer: Traveling to Dr. Tim Love in Oklahoma City may be a much better deal! You’re a medium drive or a very short plane ride away from an incredibly great deal on some of the best hair transplant surgery in the Oklahoma-Kansas area! Dr. Tim Love has nearly 30 years of surgical experience, and his clinic has won multiple “Best of the Best” awards from Oklahoma Magazine, most recently in 2011. Dr. Love’s hair replacement has impressed dozens of hair restoration candidates from Kansas and beyond.

In case you need more convincing, you should know that Dr. Love provides a travel allowance reimbursement for hair transplants of up to $300 in the form of 100 free or additional hair grafts. That’s more than enough to cover the cost of a plane ticket from Kansas City!

Once you’ve compared your alternatives we’re sure you’ll come to same conclusion that all our Kansas City hair transplant candidates do, that our low cost and high quality service (including Dr. Love’s decades of surgical experience) make a far more appealing product than any hair transplant Kansas City or Wichita have to offer.

If you want to save even more money, Oklahoma City isn’t a bad drive from Kansas City: At around 5 hours 30 minutes away, it’s a decent half-day. If you choose flying, it’s almost ridiculously quick: You’ll spend less than an hour in the air, and multiple direct flights are available for only around $200.

But make no mistake: The reason most Kansas City customers give for traveling to our clinic is the incredible deal they get with Dr. Tim Love.

Kansas City hair transplant patients get incredible service and prices in OKC

It’s not just the amazing experience you’ll have with Dr. Love that makes him worth the trip: Dr. Tim Love’s hair transplant cost is incredibly low — among the lowest in Oklahoma, as well as the country! You’ll pay $3 per graft to Dr. Love, which is less than half the national average price. You can save thousands of dollars on hair replacement costs with a trip to Dr. Tim Love. vs. getting hair restoration in Kansas City, or anywhere else in Kansas.


Visiting Oklahoma City from Kansas City

Oklahoma City has become a terrific destination! Downtown OKC is completely revitalized, anchored by the thriving Bricktown district. Restaurants in Oklahoma City have entered a sort of renaissance, and you won’t have enough time to eat everywhere you’ll want to unless you stay for a couple of weeks! You’ll be thrilled you didn’t settle for a lower quality, higher cost hair transplant in Kansas City.

Directions to Dr. Tim Love in Oklahoma City from Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri

Driving to visit Dr. Tim Love in Oklahoma City is pretty simple. Traffic will vary, but your drive time will be a little over 5 hours and 30 minutes.

  1. Leave Kansas City heading west on I-70 W for around 54 miles.
  2. Merge left onto I-470 W; signs will be for Wichita/South Topeka/I-335 S.
  3. Continue on I-335 S, which will merge into I-35 S.
  4. Take exit 138B to merge on to the Kilpatrick Turnpike.
  5. Take the OK-74 South/Hefner Parkway exit toward I-44. You’ll be entering the southbound Lake Hefner Parkway.
  6. Exit at Hefner Road and turn right.
  7. Take the first right onto Hefner Pointe Drive. We’re on the left.

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