Hair loss can happen to women, too. Fortunately, hair replacement for women is just as effective as it is for men. Female hair replacement has the same benefits as its counterpart for men:

  • Women’s transplanted hair is natural and permanent.
  • Unlike hairpieces, there’s no danger of your female hair replacement becoming crooked or dislodged.
  • Hair replacement for women is reasonably priced.

Why do women have hair loss?

The most common cause of female hair loss is heredity — also a key factor in men’s hair loss. Unlike in men’s hair loss, however, reasons for women losing hair can include factors like low thyroid, iron deficiency, and auto immune disease.

Hair replacement surgery for women is terrifically effective, capitalizing on the numerous robust hair follicles that are almost always present somewhere on the scalp. The hair replacement treatment for women will often include other treatments — oral and topical medications to reduce further loss of hair — in addition to surgical hair replacement.

How much does hair replacement for women cost?

Female hair replacement with Dr. Tim Love costs the same amount as male hair replacement: $3 per graft, with around 1,500 grafts per surgery on average. (Your individual results will vary, and Dr. Love will be able to give you a more precise figure after you schedule your consultation with him.)

Dr. Love’s hair transplant prices aren’t just lower than average — although make no mistake, they’re less than one-half as expensive as the national average cost of $8 per graft. No, not only are they much less expensive than average, they’re also of the very highest quality. Dr. Tim Love has 30 years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery, and is a former associate of O’Tar Norwood, MD, the pioneer of hair transplant surgery. His certified hair replacement assistants have a combined experience of nearly 40 years. The quality of care and service you’ll receive with hair replacement surgery for women from Dr. Tim Love is unmatched nearly anywhere — especially for a price this low.

Contact Dr. Love’s office today to learn more and arrange a consultation with one of the most experienced hair replacement surgeons for women in Oklahoma and beyond!

Hair Transplants for Women in OKC

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