Hair replacement is an important decision, both personally and financially. As a responsible prospective patient, you’ll eventually find yourself asking, “How much does hair replacement cost?”

Fortunately we’ve got a pretty straightforward answer for you. Here’s the hair replacement cost formula:

  1. Take the number of grafts you’ll need (the average is around 1,500)
  2. Multiply that by the cost of $3 — Dr. Tim Love’s flat-fee per hair graft
  3. And there’s your price! For 1,500 grafts, you’d pay $4,500. That’s one really affordable hair transplant.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? And for a permanent head of real hair, it’s a great deal. Speaking of which, let’s talk about your hair replacement costs at competing hair transplant surgeons.

National average cost of hair replacement

Is Dr. Tim Love’s $3 per graft price competitive at the national level? If you consider that’s less than half the national average cost for hair replacement grafts, we’d definitely say yes. The national average cost for hair transplants is around $8 per graft.

To put that in perspective, remember that $4,500 hair replacement cost you would’ve gotten from Dr. Love? If you paid the national average, you’d be shelling out $12,000 for it. So if you’re shopping on price, you’re definitely going to want to go with Dr. Love.

Even if you can find another surgeon with rates this low, there’s another very important consideration here:

Decades of hair replacement experience

Dr. Tim Love has nearly 30 years of surgical hair replacement experience. His certified hair transplant assistants have a combined experience of nearly 40 years. The quality of care and service you’ll receive with a hair transplant from Dr. Tim Love is unmatched nearly anywhere — especially for this low a cost. Still not convinced? Check out our hair transplant reviews and testimonials.

Here's the hair replacement cost formula:

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