When you consider whether or not to get hair implants, clearly one of the biggest questions is: How much do hair implants for men cost? We’ve got good news for you: Hair implants for men cost less than you think.

When you look at the overall cost of the procedure, you’ll find it’s something that can fit into nearly any budget. And when you consider the tremendous difference your new hair will make in your life, hair replacement for men is worth every penny.

Average Hair Implants Cost for Men

Hair implant costs vary from patient to patient based on the number of grafts needed. Typically, hair replacement procedures for a men require anywhere from 500 to 2,500 hair grafts.

The national average cost for a single hair graft (1–3 follicles) is $8. Multiply that by the number of grafts required for your particular head of hair and you’ve got the overall cost of your hair implants

If you’re interested, we’ve also prepared some information on hair replacement for women.

Affordable Hair Implants for Men

Dr. Love charges considerably less for hair implants for men than the national average. A single hair graft at our office (1–3 follicles) costs just $3. This is less than half the national average price of hair transplants, and equals tremendous savings, making it well worth the travel expenses incurred for potential patients from across the US to make the journey to Oklahoma City. Ask about our travel allowances and you’ll really see how worth your time we can make the trip.

Another factor to consider is that the average male hair transplant procedure involves around 1,500 grafts. When you start doing the math, the difference is staggering: At $8 per graft, your hair implants could cost $12,000. The same (or better) hair implant surgery with Dr. Tim Love would cost only $4,500 for the same amount of work.

An Investment in Your Happiness

Finally, consider this: Hair implants are completely permanent, and your hair restoration surgery with Dr. Love will be a one-time expense (though you have the option of returning for additional grafts, as many patients do). When you compare the cost of this affordable hair transplant surgery with the cost of a lifetime of temporary hair treatments, surgery turns out to be a more reasonably priced option — with much better results!

And don’t forget: The long-term effects on your self-image are just as permanent.
Hundreds of happy customers have chosen Dr. Love for their hair replacement surgery because:

  • We are among the most affordable hair transplant providers in the country
  • Dr. Love has a nearly three decades of surgical experience and an impressive list of medical credentials and a talented medical support team.
  • Our customers reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

Contact Dr. Love’s office today to learn more and arrange a consultation with one of the most experienced hair implant surgeons in the business!

Hair Implants For Men & How Much They Cost

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