Hair cloning is the process of duplicating donor stem cells from the scalp or body to make an unlimited supply of new hair follicles. As a result, even patients with very little donor hair and a large area of scalp baldness (Norwood Class VII) area will be able to get many thousands of grafts and restore a full head of hair with a hair cloning procedure.

Norwood Hair Loss Classification System

The Norwood Hair Loss Classification System categorizes types of mail pattern baldness. It makes little difference to you what kind of baldness you have, but it may help when you are talking to your hair transplant surgeon.

The Problem with Hair Cloning

Unfortunately, no one has perfected hair cloning. There are many companies and researchers working on this lucrative technology, and even some doctors claiming that they can do it. But as of now, there is no peer-reviewed medical evidence that hair cloning works.

You might be thinking, “Why do I see so much information online about hair cloning if nobody is doing it?” Naturally, there is a great deal of interest in this burgeoning technology, both from doctors who wish to perform it, and patients who need it. Unfortunately, hair cloning is one of those technologies that is always coming but never seems to get here. It is an extraordinarily difficult problem.

You can certainly wait for hair cloning to become a reality, but you should also realize that our patients are getting great results today from FUE Hair Transplants (Follicular Unit Extraction) and other techniques.

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