How much will it cost to get the hair transplants that you want? Just $3 per hair graft! Our office is able to offer the most competitive pricing with the best value for hair transplants.

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  • At just $3 per hair graft, our patients find significant savings over other offices that charge upwards of $8 per hair graft.
  • When you consider that most hair transplant procedures involve around 1500 grafts producing approximately 3500-4000 hairs, the difference of a $3 hair graft over an $8 hair graft is a significant one.
  • Each of our hair grafts contains up to three follicles of hair, and procedures range from a minimum of 500 grafts to over 2500.
  • Hair transplants are completely permanent, though patients often return for additional grafts.

When patients examine the costs of temporary methods of hair improvement treatments over several years, they find that permanent surgical hair transplants are cheaper in the long run and produce better results overall.

Cheap Hair Transplants – $3 Hair Grafts

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