Dr Tim Love is your best choice for a hair transplant in Oklahoma

If recognition is any indicator, Dr. Tim Love is having a great year. This week he received the Readers’ Choice Award from The Oklahoman as Oklahoma City’s best cosmetic surgeon. It’s the third honor for Dr. Love in 2015 and … Continue reading

Infographic: Facts About Hair Loss

Hair loss is a serious problem that affects millions each year. Here are some of the latest statistics.

VIDEO: Getting a Hair Transplant Procedure in Oklahoma City

A client in Oklahoma City is very happy after having hair transplant treatments from Dr. Tim Love. This video illustrates how the procedure is done and what the effects are.

Testosterone’s Effect on Balding and the Hero Hair Swap

For men, balding is a real fear around the onset of middle-age. Waving goodbye to your majestic mane can be a serious adjustment: studies have implied that it can affect everything from your libido to your mental attitude. Here’s just … Continue reading

Balding Comedian Quiz

Hair loss isn’t funny, but these guys are.  It seems the majority of comedians suffer to some extent from hair loss.  Here are some of the most iconic foreheads and receding hair lines in the world of comedy:

Bad 70s Hairstyles You Can Have All Over Again!

  Bad hair styles aren’t just a thing of the past. After a great hair transplant you can relive your glory days with any of these “classic” looks. So what will it be?

Does Wearing Hats Cause Premature Hair Loss?

If you notice that your hair is starting to thin or that your hairline seems to be receding, you might be concerned. If you verbalize your worries, you’re likely to get lots of feedback (wanted and unwanted) from friends and … Continue reading

The Missing Link: Diet Causes Weak Hair

With summer approaching fast, it’s crunch-time to get your bod back in shape before hitting the lake. But while counting calories may help you lose a little off your middle, it may be doing more than that: hair loss, while … Continue reading

Fgf9 and Other New Hair Loss Technologies Coming Soon to the Industry

Doctors have been searching far and wide for a “cure” for baldness for decades. Procedures have ranged from the simple hair piece to hair follicle transplants and everything in between. Now, doctors think that they may have stumbled on a … Continue reading

Beard transplant a “growing” trend

Facial hair has always been a trend that organically evolves as time goes on. A look that might define a year or even an entire decade for men might soon go out of style. Beards themselves are always a safe … Continue reading

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