Beard transplant a “growing” trend

dv1634037Facial hair has always been a trend that organically evolves as time goes on. A look that might define a year or even an entire decade for men might soon go out of style. Beards themselves are always a safe bet, but the style is largely dependent on time and context.

Men who want to grow specific types of beards but don’t have the natural ability to do so have been increasingly turning towards surgery as a viable option. Beard transplants constitute a burgeoning trend that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

Beard Transplant 101

Doctors in New York City, for example, specialize in everything from filling in a few gaps in a man’s natural growth pattern to complete beard construction from the ground up. CNN reported that men are paying anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $7000+ for beard transplants. The trend isn’t only popular in big cities like New York – it’s also becoming more commonplace in areas like Portland and many areas throughout the northwest.

According to the New York Post, doctors who perform these kinds of beard transplants say that many people going through the procedure usually already have beards of their own. The issue is that everyone grows a beard in a slightly different way due to factors like health and genetics. So if a guy is intent on having one particular style, his genetics or health might not be as open to the idea.  Or if he has a few patchy spots in an otherwise full-fledged beard, a man might turn to a beard transplant surgery to even things out.

The Desire for a Fuller Beard200295370-001

Guys from all walks of life are interested in beard transplant surgery, which is a big reason for the trend’s increase in popularity. Everyone from hipsters to businessmen is looking to get in on the action. indicates that beard transplant surgery is a very meticulous procedure with a lot of different stages. Dr. Jamil Asaria, Toronto-based facial plastic surgeon, explains: a doctor and his or her specialized technicians begin by removing healthy hair strands, complete with the original follicles, from another part of the body where hair has no problem growing. These follicles usually come from the bottom of the back of the head, for example, where hair is traditionally at its fullest. The doctor in question will then make a small hole on the face with a blade as small as 0.8 millimeters in thickness. Each individual hair is then inserted into the appropriate location on the face until the beard is as full and as properly shaped as the person wants it to be.

One of the most important parts of such a procedure has to do with the angle at which the hair is inserted. If the individual strands of hair are inserted at the wrong angle, for example, the end result will look unnatural. That means that incisions need to be made very precisely and the hair needs to be inserted in just the right way so that it rests at the proper, natural angle on a person’s face.

Most doctors take an entire day to go through the procedure for a single patient. If a man is attempting to construct a full beard from scratch, it can cost as much as $10,000 for the entire session.

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