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Norwood Hair Loss Classification System

The Norwood Hair Loss Classification System categorizes types of mail pattern baldness. It makes little difference to you what kind of baldness you have, but it may help when you are talking to your hair transplant surgeon. Note that receding hairlines are classified as Norwood Classifications I, II, or III.

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Dr Tim Love: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, 30 years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Former associate of O’Tar Norwood, MD, the pioneer of hair transplant surgery.

Affordable Price/ $3 Grafts: You get remarkable value of permanent hair replacement at a fair price. Compare our prices to other facilities charging an average of $8 per graft. That’s thousands of dollars saved and/or the ability to do more grafts for an even better restoration.

Why am I losing hair?

Male Hair Loss: Age, testosterone and heredity. Like many things in life, our age and family history offer a good prediction of what we will see in ourselves. Male hair can be sensitive to and harmed by a break down product of testosterone …. DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE.
Thus, the basis of medical treatment for hair loss is targeted at preventing dihydrotestosterone’s harmful effects on hair. Both topical minoxidil and oral medicines (finasteride, avodart) work by decreasing the effects of dihydrotestosterone on GENETICALLY predisposed hair follicles.

Female Hair Loss: Although occasionally an identifiable cause for female hair loss such as low thyroid, iron deficiency, and auto immune disease can be treated, the most common cause of hair loss in women is HEREDITY.

Surgical hair replacement offers wonderful improvement by optimizing the location and use of remaining hair follicles. Women’s hair replacement is often coupled with other treatments including oral finasteride and topical minoxidil to help prevent further loss of hair.

Technique: Follicular Unit Grafts

Your natural hair grows in a combination of single hairs (follicles) intermixed with multiple (2-3) follicle units. Therefore, what better way to restore your hair? Follicular unit transplants involve moving healthy hair from the back of your scalp to areas of thinning. The transfer of the intact follicular units is just the way nature intended. This technique creates a natural look that is permanent! It is permanent because the hair that is transferred is not genetically sensitive to the negative effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Consultation with Dr. Love and his staff will help you to understand the specifics of your individual hair loss condition. A general overview will help you, the potential transplant recipient, further understand the decision making process. Hair loss patterns have been categorized and are known by the Norwood Hair Loss Classification System.

Your age, rate of hair loss, familial traits, and pattern of loss will all be taken into account during your consultation for hair transplant by Dr. Love. Other factors which factor significantly in the final outcome include hair color, skin color, follicle diameter, texture, and the amount of natural body or curl that your hair possesses.

Realistic expectations are clarified during your hair transplant consultation with Dr. Love. Each patient presents with his or her unique features and goals. It is most important that you develop a clear understanding of what we hope to accomplish.

This consultation process is completed in a variety of ways. Ultimately a trip to Dr. Love’s Hair Transplant Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will consummate your individual treatment plan. For out of town patients, much can be accomplished using the Internet, sending photos or having a live interactive video via Skype.

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